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Top Post: FanFic Master Post

Here is a top post with all the information you need if you're interested in reading/following my fics. All stories are Brian/Justin pairings unless otherwise stated.

These are the stories I update on a regular basis. I like to only work on one at a time, but I may have more than one on occasion.

Brian and Justin are finally together, but when tragedy strikes, their happy home is turned upside down and everything seems to fall apart. What will happen when Justin makes a tremendous mistake? Will Brian be able to forgive him, or will they part for good this time?

Here are all of my completed fiction. No sequels are currently planned for these.

Too Deep for Healing
Ten years post-513. Justin returns to Pittsburgh after a decade of absence due to a death in the family, only to receive some disturbing news.

Immediately following the Season 2 finale, Brian leaves the Rage party, Brian has a brief and disastrous encounter with a sharp object.

PWP set in season 1. Justin's first time with toys.

Season 4 cancer arc gapfiller of sorts.

Remember When
PWP. Pre-series Brian/Emmett pairing. Somewhat of a 'what if" scenario.

Maybe "dead" is a bit too harsh, but these are stories I never completed and I have no interest in currently. I may go back and finish, but it doesn't look that way currently.

More Than Less
AU. Brian is put into foster care at the age of 12. Honestly, that's as far as I've gotten...

Here is a listing of stories I'm contemplating or planning on writing sometime soon. I'll add/remove things as I see fit. I'm also willing to consider any plotbunnies you may have, so feel free to suggest!

- You Think You're a Man and sequel But You're Only a Boy - YTYAM follows Brian through three major events in his life: meeting his childhood best friend Michael, meeting Lindsay in college, and meeting his first lover Parker. We delve into the dynamics of why Brian Kinney is the way he is. BYOAB jumps into the future a bit, when Parker blows into town shortly after Justin leaves Brian for Ethan. Much drama ensues. Yes, this will be a B/J Fic.
- Eighteen and Life - 18 year old Brian is the new boy at St. James Academy. He's a notorious bad boy with a tortured home life. Justin is a 17 year old Junior who hasn't yet had the chance to experience a little bad in his life. They begin a journey together through good times and bad -- plenty of sex, laughs, fun, along with fights, angst, break-ups and make-ups. Will they make it out of high school together or will they go their separate ways after graduation day?

This post will be updated as I begin/finish my fics. Enjoy. :)

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